We got you girl! Thank us later 🌹

We got you girl! Thank us later 🌹

However, you want to celebrate your valentines day, don't worry girl we got you!💅🏾No matter your relationship status, whether you’re spreading the love vibing to Beyonce (single ladies), celebrating it will your girls or going on a date night, we put together two looks to show you how we're rocking it. At the end of the day its all about you, put yourself first. After all, roses are red, violets are blue, you absolutely deserve some NEW....so ..do it your way!”


Date Night🌹

To all the dating ladies, I know today's the date to show the world how loved up you are. Instagram is going to be full of others babes posting their gifts and roses and telling the world how loved they are and you also want to flaunt your partner's appreciation for you. Do as you please hun, I don't blame you! But also, do yourself a favour and take the pressure off yourself and him you do not want to beat yourself up about unmet expectations.

If this day is important to you, communicate that to your date. Let him know what you like and how you’d like to celebrate. Men are not mind readers and generally speaking, this holiday is marketed towards what a woman wants. So, unless you two really create this day as something special, then you are leaving it all up to him and he may not be into it.

So do not feel like that is what the day is about. Gifts are nice but in reality, it’s truly the sentiment behind the celebration that counts. Instead, show the 'gram how flawless you look. Heres our date night look below 

 Lace bodysuit paired up with our Ankara Red Drape Skirt for that sexy appeal!

To all the Single Ladies 👑

If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you are with! And who are you with all the time? YOU! Take this opportunity to be good to yourself and appreciate the freedom and joy you have by being the total goddess of your life. Take this holiday to show some self-love to yourself; Why not start by working out and doing all the thing you love. 


African printed trimmed sports bra and leggings 

Whether self-love is going to the gym we got you covered! Shop some comfy gym gears from our sister brand Daofitness. Or even if you want to take the traditional route by taking yourself out of the city, buying yourself your favourite chocolates, placing flowers on your desk, or even stay at home watching Netflix and chilling, make this day something that has you feeling the love. It should be a something that re-affirms your belief in self-love, self-worth and value to humanity. 
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about romantic love. It can be about any kind of love. Love of family, friends, country, humanity, cause or love of self. Don’t limit the type of celebration that can be created or enjoyed. Plan on showing a little love to the number one person in your life, Y-O-U!

And finally cheers to a girls night out🥂

Red Ankara Bralet paired with High waisted jeans and Black leather jacket
All my single ladies get your girls together and go out for a girls night out. You deserve it. We don’t always say I love you with words, but its the action that counts and how you make each other feel right?  And ultimately that’s what this day is all about — letting those you love actually feel your love.
Shop the Red Ankara Bralet...  So whatever this day means to you just remember we love you xoxo

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