The Kente Midaxi dress to get you through all season!

The Kente Midaxi dress to get you through all season!

A few more weeks and we finally get what we have been waiting for after months: Freedom!

For starters, many people are desperate to go on holiday. Finally some time to relax and go on that dream trip that you have been craving for so long to forget all the problems at work or being in lock-down for so long.

And also, summer also means sun and warmth. And this means no more of those thick coats. Instead, we can finally wear what we want because it looks good: skirts, tops, shirts,... and our Kente trimmed Midaxi-dress.

It was originally brought into the market using the black and white kente fabric as seen below.

lalarae wearing black daolondon dress

After selling out successfully, we decided to bring back to classic look with more of a vibrant kente fabric.

Our Kente Midaxi dress has caught the eyes of many and was styled in such stylish ways we just could not resist sharing the looks with you all !

1. Adji_fd from Paris

2. Rachel from the UK


3. Alex_unusual from Nigeria

Alex_unusual wearing black dress - daolondon


So why do you need to buy our Kente-trimmed maxi-dress?

We have 5 good reasons!

1: In a hurry? Don’t worry!

Is it not a great feeling, staying in bed extra long in the morning and soaking up the sun shining through the curtains? You can now enjoy this to the fullest because you don't need more than a few minutes to get ready. Maxi-Dress. Shoes. Ready.

2: Variation

It's so easy to get different outfits from a single maxi-dress. Change the accessories and you can easily work out an appropriate look for any occasion.

3: Summer body goals 

We all know how it goes in summer. Barbecue here, party there, off to a wedding and picnics in the park. Now you can finally flaunt that summer body. 

4: All year long

The maxi-dress is best found in summer but it is certainly a good choice for the rest of the year as well.
Not sure if it's hot enough outside? Wear your maxi-dress with a light blazer on top of it, so you can still cover everything if it turns out to be too cold.
And when it gets really cold you can easily put stockings under it. Class assured!

5: You look incredibly good!

No one will be able to resist you this summer 😉 

Enjoy it!


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