Behind the scenes of 'The Rise of Africa' collection

DAO London - The Rise of Africa Collection Preview (Behind the Scenes) from THE RESULT ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

Ladies this is for you! ‘

Sneak peek behind the scenes of ‘’The Rise of Africa’’ collection SS16 coming soon this summer. To all my African waxed print lovers, it’s time to dominate and stand out remarkably this summer season.

Therefore, Daolondon has created this collection inspired by resurrecting African fashion and rebirthing a new image of dominance through the exquisite wax fabric and design. As a brand promoting African fashion, we want you to be a part of the revolutionary where soon African fashion will be popular amongst every ethnic culture and can be worn on a regular basis.

The collection will feature sophisticated, supremacy garments ranging from dresses, co-ordinates, jumpsuits and much more for this summer season.To join the Daolondon movement and help African fashion rise and support the movement #riseofafrica #roa #daolondon on social media.

Thank you for all the support and we cannot wait to release the collection!

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