Style your Tulle

Style your Tulle

London Fashion Week Recommendations

Do you like the Kente Tulle Skirt but are you not sure when and how to wear it?

Let’s get that problem out of the way immediately!

We understand that not everyone is about the ballerina life and not everyone likes to wear pink but we can assure you that tulle skirts are so much more than that. We are going to show you 3 ways to rock the Kente Skirt, depending on your personal preferences.

Or are you worried that tulle is out of fashion now that mini skirts have taken over? Again: don’t.

The romanticized, timeless fabric has been omnipresent in recent fashion shows and numerous great designers make it a significant part of their collections.

Yves Saint Laurent, for example, uses loads of feathers and tulle in the 2018 Spring collection.
The collection focuses on evening wear, including many super-short mini-dresses.
The tulle fabric is used both on dresses and skirts and is vital in adding texture and volume, which is key to the collection.  

Even more recently, showstopping eveningwear is one of the 7 trends at the London Fall Fashion Week 2019.
Many of London’s most talented designers use tulle to create their dresses to pack a dramatic punch.

Still not convinced? Tulle skirts were also hot at Coachella, where you could find girls wearing the skirt with denim jackets or with any other combination you can imagine, really.

Our Kente Looks

Now that you are convinced it is a perfect fit for you, let’s take a look at our favourite Kente Tulle Skirt looks:

1. Easter Brunch Look

Daolondon Kente Tulle Skirt Easter Brunch Look

Combine your skirt with a colourful lace bodysuit and open heels to look at your best for any opportunity. All of your friends and family will love the look and the best part is that it doesn’t even have to be Easter for you to wear it!

2. Casual Look

Daolondon Kente Tulle Skirt Casual Look

Do you want to show off the skirt but you don’t want to dress up all the way? Go for our casual look: Combine the Kente Skirt with a plain top and matching converses and you are good to go!

3. Dinner Look

Daolondon African Kente Skirt Dinner Look


Feeling like having a more elegant look for dinner? Wear a white one-shoulder shirt with matching heels and handbag.

To sum it up, you have plenty of reasons to wear the tulle skirt and for each occasion, there is a fitting style.
The combinations with this African attire are endless: you can wear white trainers underneath, flat mules or your most fancy heels.
Obviously, it is the perfect garment for a wedding or high-end party, but you can also arrange your own photoshoot (absolutely no particular reason required), dress up and imagine yourself in the middle of your own fairy tale. Breath-taking images assured!

Not so much about the fairy tale life? Add in an edgy design and you are good to go. Due to the Kente Skirt’s high waist it is perfectly combinable with a crop top and you complete the outfit with some comfortable, good-looking shoes.

Fashion icons in tulle

Still wondering if you will be the only one wearing a tulle skirt? Check out some of our favourite celebs, all looking fabulous in tulle skirts below:

Nicki Minaj Tulle skirt
Nicki Minaj

Image result for rihanna tulle skirt

Image result for rihanna tulle skirt

Image result for alicia keys tulle skirt
Alicia Keys

Image result for zendaya tulle skirt

 Image result for rita ora tulle skirt
Rita Ora

Jessica alba tulle skirt
Jessica Alba

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